Our Capabilities

Firmus’ integrated in-house capabilities allow the firm to extract value across the value chain and jurisdictions; premised on the following:

Investment Management

The Investments team drives the entire real estate investment process from acquisition to divestment, deal sourcing, negotiating, underwriting, due diligence, structuring, co-investment procuring, closing, hold/sell analysis on investments.

Development Management

The Development Management and Asset Management teams are integrated to better manage real estate asset enhancement and development works, being fully involved from concept to completion, feasibility studies, design, planning submissions, construction tender, project delivery and handover and tenancy coordination.

Asset Management

The Asset Management teams are actively involved in all operational aspects of the assets in the portfolio, from preparing the strategy and executing the asset plans, property management, leasing and asset enhancement programs.

Finance & Compliance

The Finance & Compliance teams are responsible for tax planning, regulatory compliance, managing external fund administrators, investor enquiries, cash flow requirements of the investments, returns distributions and disclosures.

Investors Liaison

The Investors Liaison team is responsible for the fund-raising activities, maintaining relationships with investors, and developing new investor relationships.

Working with you. Working for you.

Our Investment Approach

1. Positioned For Investment Success

We continually evaluate our investment target markets to determine the geographies, sectors and investment themes that will produce superior risk-adjusted returns. Our people’s wealth of domain knowledge, experience and know-how enables us to structure transactions, execute complex deals and undertake active asset management to deliver the performance of our Fund’s investments.

2. Hands-On Management Approach

Our investment decision processes are predicated on balancing risk-and-returns as if investing our own money, and deploying people with the right skill sets to asset manage. We adopt a hands-on approach to the ongoing management of our assets, leveraging on the skills of each team member to maximize asset potential and achieve superior returns on the investments.

3. Effective Risk-Management Strategies

We constantly review and recalibrate all investment capital with the objective of delivering efficient and superior risk adjusted returns.  We adopt market best practices in the markets we operate in.

4. In-Depth Top-Down & Bottom-Up Market Research

Accurate analysis of information is critical for making investment decisions. In all our investment underwriting, we subscribe to a combination of Top-Down approach which covers macro economic analysis and sector trends together with Bottom-Up approach which are investment opportunity-led, covering the supply-and-demand economics, to generate a comprehensive analysis and views.

5. High Positive Returns On Investments

Our active asset management approach enables us to create value and generate superior returns on the assets.

6. Asset Plans & Exit Strategies

We always invest with a fully developed asset plan on how we intend to execute to create value from the investments. Similarly, we develop investment exit plans in accordance to the Investment mandate of the Fund, identifying and formulating multiple exit strategies through continually evaluate and scanning the market dynamics to ensure opportunities are not missed. We constantly evaluate and monitor the value realization potential on all the assets in view to achieve superior returns on investments.